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UPDATED: October 26, 2006


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Drafted into the army in June, 1944. Basic training in Texas and Oklahoma; 97th Division in Germany, February 1945-June 1945; Occupation duty in Japan, August 1945-April 1946.


A question I often ask students in WMU's Behavior Analysis program is how they became interested in psychology. In my case it was largely due to an essentially chance event, buying a couple of psychology books and taking them with me when I went to Japan.


I was discharged from the army in May 1946, and reentered UCLA in fall 1946, but as a psychology rather than a chemistry major. Continued on the gym team, but was not a very good gymnast.


Knowing that my classes had been hard for me as a freshman I took fewer credit hours when I
re-entered UCLA as a Psychology major--no more than 9 for the first two or three semesters. I lived at home, and my education was being paid for by the G.I. Bill. I improved as a student--learned how to study, improved my scientific verbal repertoire, got better at learning from lectures, and graduated in 1949 with a good GPA.


Entered Graduate School at UCLA in 1949, and graduated with Ph.D. in 1955. It took me 6 years, but I wasn't in a hurry. I specialized in physiological psych, statistics, philosophy of science, general experimental psychology.


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