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UPDATED: October 26, 2006


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Ultimately the behavioral program at ASU deteriorated, and when I was offered a position as professor at WMU I took it and have been here since 1967. I have worked closely with a number of faculty here, but in terms of behavior analytic theory and application I have been most influenced by Richard Malott, Arthur Snapper (no longer at WMU), and Alan Poling. As at my previous jobs, my intellectual development has been strongly influenced by my interaction with a number of highly effective graduate students: Norman Peterson, Paul Whitley, Mark Sundberg, Bruce Hesse, Michael Minervini, Esther Shafer (deceased), Rachel da Cunha, and Michael Hixson, to mention only a few.


My main contribution has been as a teacher, which has been my full-time activity for the last 46 years. I have chaired 28 doctoral dissertation committees here at WMU, and 19 at the previous universities. I was also one of the early developers and a continued supporter of the Association for Behavior Analysis. I have written a number of journal articles, a few of which have had some influence.


My list of publications are available on the Bibliography section of the Publications page. The order is backward, with the most recent articles shown at the top of the list. Probably the most influential article shown is the very first one (at the bottom of the list) that I co-authored with Teodoro Ayllon in 1959. Below the publications are listed the talks that I gave in 1999 and 2000, which as it turns out are fairly typical of the kind of public dissemination of behavior analysis that I have engaged in since 1957. I think that my talks have had more influence than my published papers.


I was 78 years old on January 16, 2004, and retired from the University in April of 2003.


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